Our team benefits from years of experience and an extensive knowledge of contract law.)


  • Documenting your rights in the game (commissioning agreement, licence or assignment)
    The creative process is exciting. You can get carried away by enthusiasm and forget about formalities, hoping that your spoken mutual understanding is just enough. Alas, when time comes to present your project to a new investor it may well turn out that the rights in the game have never been properly acquired.
    Our team will help ensure the proper documentation of your rights, negotiating and drafting everything from employment contracts and job descriptions to external contracts with third-party contractors - and advising as to the correct use of open source licences.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    You will need an NDA when negotiating with an investor, entering into an agreement with your publisher, or hiring a third-party developer. You may also need it to ensure ongoing compliance of your departing employees. It is not rare, after all, for a former employee to use business know-how for the benefits of former employer’s competitors.
    We will draft an effective NDA, design a bundle of internal policy documentation, and advise on practical steps you can take to preserve confidentiality.
  • Contracts with publishers
    Most major publishers insist on their own contract templates, which are not always balanced or favourable for game developers. We will help you understand the implications of the terms your publisher suggests - and negotiate bespoke provisions that are most beneficial for you and your business.
  • Terms of Use
    Last but not least, we will be happy to assist with the drafting of a comprehensive user agreement, taking into account the specifics and needs of your project.

Our team benefits from years and years of experience and an extensive knowledge of contract law.
In addition to the contracts outlined above, we can also help with:

  • Contracts for the production and placement of advertising (including compliance audit of advertising materials)
  • Contracts for the development of sites and mobile applications
  • Licence agreements for the acquisition of rights to use music in your game
  • Licence agreements for the use of brands and characters of third-party right holders in your game (co-branding)
  • Investment contracts
  • Contracts for the design, manufacturing and distribution of merchandise
  • Contracts for e-sports events
  • Offers and deeds of accession
    and many more
Corporate structuring
Due diligence and regisration of rights
Fighting digital piracy
Dispute resolution
Personal data protection